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My dad bought a scooter from the wombwell shop costing £1200 cash he was very happy with his scooter as he was led to believe he was getting a bargain! Sadly a week after the purchase he passed away,god bless him he only got to use it once covering less than a mile! So I phoned the shop to see if we could get a refund seein as it was still really brand new and the man was very unhelpful and refused a refund but offerd to buy the scooter back for £400 I thought this was an absolute disrespectful insult! So I did a little research and the same scooter can be found elsewhere for £795 so my dad was ripped off in the first place then the shop/man tried ripping me off again! So be very careful when using this shop! I will be taking this matter further and also writing to Barnsley chronical and naming and shaming this poor shop    13-02-13